Property in Antequera Spain.

Buying property in Antequera Spain will give you information about the town of Antequera in Malaga, Andalucia, Spain. It hopes to give you useful information about the town and the region of Antequera. Published by people living in the area it will include useful tips about moving to Spain and enjoying this wonderful part of Europe.

Affordable Property for Sale or Rent in Antequera

Moving to Spain and renting a property or buying a property in Spain is much easier than many will have you think. It is not uncommon to hear and see bad press about Spain and those who have purchased homes here. These stories are the exception rather than the rule, and we would encourage you to come and take a look for yourself. Many reputable agents are working in and around Antequera, including the very knowledgeable and local Spanish Corredors, who will be able to take you through every step of the process.

Antequera has become very popular amongst the British over the past 10 years, and there is now an ever-growing ex-pat community in the region. The many residents that live in this area have arrived by various means. Some have decided to buy a mobile home in Spain, others who once lived on the coast have moved inland, and then others who have had friends or family in the area have decided to make Antequera their home in the sun as well.

With many people undecided on whether they want to make Spain their permanent home, it has meant that there is also a good rental market in the area as well. Renting a property is often the best way for some to see if they will like the area.

Antequera offers many advantages and attractions to moving to Spain. It is very well connected to the surrounding area and region of Andalucia. Antequera is close to 4 of the main cities of Andalucia; Malaga, Sevilla, Granada and Cordoba. This makes it a popular centre for business as well. Antequera is less than 45 minutes to Malaga city and the beaches, and under an hour to Malaga airport and the more well-known beaches of the Costa del Sol.

Within an hour and a half of 4 major tourism cities famed for their history and cultural centre. An hour and a half from the Sierra Nevada ski resort and the massively popular Alpujarras zone, it is no wonder Antequera offers lots of advantages to its visitors and residents.

The town itself is very well equipped for all your daily needs. There is a good variety of shops in the town centre, many of them small independent stores. Then there are the well known Spanish supermarkets dotted around the town and the modern La Veronica centre.

A good industrial estate area with car dealers, furniture stores, home stores, wood and builders merchants, hotels and many other useful services. A first-class hospital and emergency department servicing Antequera county means that you are not far from good medical treatment.

Most Spanish people live in the town. They will live where they have grown up and where they work. This means the towns are populated and vast areas of space found in between. Spain is a larger country than the UK, but people also live differently. They stay in the towns, and there is a clear separation between each town. It is common to leave one town and see miles and miles of space until the next one appears.

Towns clearly lay out their building plans for the urban areas, and these plans do not change for many years, so the expansion of towns is likely planned and slow. The rural areas and agricultural areas are protected, and it is not easy to build a property wherever you want.

Living in the town of Antequera

In the centre of Antequera, most people live in apartments, small houses in the neighbourhoods or ‘barrios’ around the town, townhouses, and larger villa detached properties on the outskirts. This means that most property for sale or rent is likely to be an apartment or a small house in a barrio within easy walking distance to the centre.

Property in Antequera Spain

Living in the area of Antequera

Many of the smaller towns of the region tend to have a selection of all the different property styles in a more concentrated area. Whereas Antequera will have a central area of mainly apartment blocks and small houses, with townhouses and detached properties on the outskirts, the towns will have all the different styles closer to the town centre. There are generally fewer apartment blocks in the smaller towns.

This means that there is a good selection of property close to town, and it is likely that you will get more for your money in one of the smaller towns in the area.

Building your own home and buying a building plot is more likely to be available to buyers in the smaller towns. Traditionally Spanish have built their own properties for themselves and their families. Although this still happens, many opt for buying property already built.

Buying a mobile home in the area has become a more popular option over the past 8 years. Many British buyers have opted for this safe and easy way of moving to Spain. They buy new or pre-owned homes on existing mobile home parks to become part of a small community. This offers them security and excellent facilities for an annual community charge. Prices will start from around £20,000 plus.

For whatever reason, people have decided to move to Spain or live in Antequera and the surrounding area; they have done so by buying or renting a property.

Inland Spain offers a very different experience to that of the Spanish coast. There is a lower concentration of foreign residents in the Antequera region, which means those who live here will mix and integrate with the Spanish locals on a more regular basis than they might do if they lived on the coast. There are also, of course, dedicated retirement mobile home parks as well in the area. A prime example is Park La Posada.