Hotels in Antequera Spain

Antequera has always been of great historical importance in Spain and, in particular, in Andalucia. Due to its excellent location, it has seen numerous different conquerors stake claim to it over many, many centuries. You only have to delve into the history of Antequera to see just how rich and varied it has been. This is one of the big attractions of the town to this day. Many tourists come from all over Spain and Europe to see for themselves all of that history, and of course to soak up the atmosphere of one of Andalucia’s well-known places.

Antequera features in many guide books and as a recommended place to visit when in Andalucia and Spain. This is also helped by its many historical buildings and squares, its golf course, the El Torcal national park, the nearby Flamingo Lake and Wolf Park. This has meant that a growing number of international and national visitors come here to see it, not only for its history but because it has a great selection of things to do.

Then there is the business visitor. Antequera is called the ‘crossroads of Andalucia’ because of its geographical location in Andalucia. It is close to all the major Andalucia cities and easy to reach via train, bus or car. Apart from many businesses locating here for that reason, it is also a very central place to meet for those businesses holding conferences or meetings.


 So, where are the places to stay in Antequera?

There is a hotel for every experience in Antequera, and they are found in different areas of the town. As Antequera is a place that attracts both business and pleasure visitors, there is an ever-increasing demand for hotels and places to stay.

There are hotels in town or rather in the centre, and these are all within easy walking distance of the shops, bars, restaurants and historical attractions. Antequera is a place best explored on foot in this way; you get to see all the hidden corners that driving does not allow you to spend enough time enjoying. The central hotels are often functional hotels that offer good, clean, but basic accommodation at a very reasonable price. Usually 2 or 3 stars, they often family-run, and it is not unusual to meet the whole family on duty at one stage or another.

Some great places to stay in the centre would be Hotel La Castilla, Hotel Coso Viejo, Hotel Colon, Hotel Plaza San Sebastian, and Hotel Coso San Francisco. All of these places will offer you a warm welcome and meant that you are close to everything in the centre of Antequera so that exploring on foot is made very easy.

Staying in one of these hotels will bring with it a few downsides! It can mean that parking is a little more difficult as Antequera is a bustling town during the days. Most of the hotels will have parking available at a small extra charge, but it will be in a garage away from the hotel itself. Usually, within 5 minutes walk, but it does mean that you have to unload, collect the entrance key and then go and park.

To first time visitors in Antequera, it may also mean that a hotel in the centre is a little harder to find as you will not be acquainted with the streets and road system. Having said that, most hotels would have signs dotted on the outskirts of the town to direct you into the general area and then it will be a case of asking a local who we can assure you will be only too happy to help.

The final downside will be noise. Some of the hotels will be on prominent streets in Antequera, and this can mean that when the day starts and ends, you may find it a little noisy. In the summer months, the rubbish is collected during the early hours, so don’t be surprised to hear the trucks passing and lifting the bins!

However, all this is the real Spain. What you see, hear, eat, smell here will be what nearly all busy, working Spanish towns are like and is what makes them interesting, worth visiting and adds to the charm of the experience.

The hotels on the inner outskirts of the centre of Antequera, such as the Hotel Las Villas and Hotel Antequera Golf. They are a 3 and 4 star, respectively and with this comes a few more creature comforts. The hotels both offer parking on-site and a more comprehensive ‘hotel’ experience.

Easier to find and use when arriving by vehicle to the town. However, without the lively buzz that the centre offers. Both are within walking distance of the centre, Las Villas, slightly closer than Antequera Golf Hotel. Still, the golf hotel offers transport into the centre in the form of a free minibus (when in operation).  The Las Villas can still be a little noisy, but there is no doubt that the Antequera Golf is on the quieter side of town.

The outskirts of Antequera have several hotels available to you. There is the Finca Eslava Hotel, the relatively recently opened Hotel Los Dolmenes and the Hotel Lozano. These are all easily accessible from the motorways which run around the town of Antequera. All have parking and offer all the services related to a hotel.

Due to their location, walking into the town is more difficult, and you will likely need to drive or taxi into town.  Although only 5 minutes drive from the centre, it may mean that you miss the opportunity to experience the centre of town to its maximum.

If you decide to visit without arranging a hotel beforehand, do not worry as the tourist office on Plaza San Sebastian will be happy to help you find one and recommend one that meets your needs.