Health care in Antequera Spain. Medical facilities are always on top of the list when people are researching the idea of living abroad. With the Hospital in Antequera, however, there are no worries at all. It is a state of the art hospital working well below capacity. Many ex-pat residents living in the area owe their lives to this hospital, from diagnosing heart problems to blocked arteries. There is no waiting for months to be taken for a scan.

The emergency facilities are equally impressive. It is like going into a hotel lobby, and you are processed very quickly. Less urgent cases are then taken into a waiting area inside the hospital, and in most cases, a doctor sees you within 20 minutes, which unfortunately can not be said for most hospitals in the UK.

The health service is run along with a two-tier system similar to that in the UK. The first tier is the National Health Service, and the second is the private health care
sector, which is covered by health insurance. Whether you are a native of Spain or a British citizen, if you are making social security contributions or retired, you immediately qualify for the National Health Service. Otherwise, it is best to have some private health insurance.


Sanitas here in Spain is the Spanish arm of BUPA, and they offer the following with their Sanitas Multi-policy and all in English.

Among the basic features of Sanitas Multi, you have access to primary care, specialised medical assistance and, in case of hospitalisation, for both consultations as well as diagnostic tests and treatments.

* Primary care: general medicine, paediatrics, ATS (Registered Nurse), emergency care services.

* Access to every kind of specialist, with no waiting lists: paediatric surgery, ophthalmology, gynaecology and obstetrics, dermatology, general and gastrointestinal surgery, etc.* Diagnostic tests and therapeutic services. Clinical analysis, anatomic pathology, aerosol therapy and ventilation therapy, chemotherapy, etc.

* Extensive healthcare network: our own centres equipped with the latest technology such as the Hospital Sanitas La Zarzuela, the Hospital Sanitas La Moraleja or the Centros Millennium. You will also receive special and personalised treatment in our network of preferred affiliate centres.

* Psychology: Sanitas, a pioneer in incorporating psychology into their basic cover, allows you to seek individual therapy with pathologists specialising in mental health, such as anorexia, stress, depression, marital counselling, insomnia, etc.

* Second opinions from internationally recognised specialists: in the case of chronic, serious illnesses.

* 24-hour Sanitas: With just a phone call, you can talk to a medical professional about any question you might have regarding your or your family’s health.

A new player in the region is a company called ASSSA. They are offering a very different kind of health service. With ASSSA, you get to choose which doctor, clinic or specialist to use. They work on a voucher system.