About Antequera

About Antequera in Spain. It is is a town and municipality in the province of Málaga, part of the Spanish autonomous community of Andalucia. A charming town, it is definitely not just another sleepy, sun-soaked ‘pueblo’ of Southern Spain.

Antequera is hugely rich in history, culture and heritage, and inhabited since the Bronze Age; there are some amazing monuments to be found everywhere: tombs which date back to 2,500 BC, the national park of El Torcal with its unique limestone formations, Roman baths, Baroque churches and Renaissance palaces and a 13th Century Moorish castle, remains to pay tribute to the strategic importance of Antequera in days gone by.

The town, and to the north the fertile plains of the valley, are overlooked by an almost vertical, 800 metres high, limestone rock, La Peña de Los Enamorados, “The Lovers’ Rock”, where local legend has it that two young lovers, a Christian man and a Moorish woman, jumped to their death rather than deny their forbidden love.

Antequera is commonly known as the ‘crossroads of Andalucia’ because it’s an excellent location in the region’s heart. With excellent communication forms by road, air and most recently high-speed train it allows fast and easy connections locally, nationally and internationally.

Located in the province of Malaga and on the A92 and A45, the main cities of Andalucia, Sevilla, Granada, Cordoba and Malaga are not far away. The airports of Malaga and Granada are within 50 minutes of the town, and with the addition of a new high-speed train link in Santa Ana, the capital of Madrid is now within easy reach.


Antequera hosts various things to do, many different restaurants, tapas bars and is good for shopping. Part of the town’s recent developments has seen a new shopping centre located at its edge.

The town has historically been a strategically sought after town that many have tried to conquer and today follows a similar pattern in that it is a place many want to relocate to.

It is a charming town, where the locals are all very welcoming and although having a population of around 50,000 still has a village feel to it. It is common to see the residents stop in conversation with friends or promenade during warm evenings with family.

Being set in such a beautiful location in wonderful surroundings, apart from the actual town, there are many things to do in the area. We recommend exploring the many places of interest around the area.

View of the town of Antequera across to the Pena de Los Enamorados and the gateway to Antequera by night.

Historically, the region’s economy was based on the production and processing of agricultural products such as olives, grain, wool, and furniture manufacturing. Today, tourism is the main industry, and there is an increasing number of international visitors. The town’s museums have about 80% of all the art treasures in the province of Málaga, which makes it one of the cultural centres of Andalucia.

Antequera is growing rapidly and fast, becoming a recognized centre for business, tourism, and a place to live. Within the past 5 years, this expanding zone has seen the expansion of its industrial estate, the opening of the new A45 motorway to Cordoba, a new high-speed train link and more to follow, 1000’s of new home developments, new hotels, a new golf course, talk of its own airport and the influx of many foreign residents who have decided to make the area of Antequera their new home. With a wealth of things to do, colourful history, vibrant present and a prosperous future, the whole region is an ideal place to be.

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