Antequera | Spain’s mobile home park zone

Antequera in Spain: The idea of UK style residential mobile home parks in Spain began back in 2001 and where Park La Posada, the best residential retirement park in Spain, can now be found. Retiring to Spain does not get any easier when the residential park deals with everything for you once you have chosen a home.

Antequera inland Spain

The town of Antequera near Malaga has become a popular spot for British expatriates and their families. Antequera town and the region is now home to 1000’s ex-pats. Apart from the town itself, you will find many living in the nearby villages of Mollina and Alameda.

Spain has always been a popular holiday destination with the British. However, over the past 10+ years, many people have chosen to come and live slightly inland in Antequera and the Antequera region. The benefits of doing so are that the cost of living is cheaper than down by the coast and of course the area is not flooded by tourists during the busy months.

Residents in the Antequera region are still assured of a good climate.  Slightly warmer in the summer and slightly cooler in the winter than the coastal resorts but great weather all the same. April, May, June, September, and October are wonderful months weather-wise.

Buying a mobile home in Spain has become a popular alternative to living in traditional bricks and mortar. All the mobile home parks in Antequera are Spanish-owned, and they have welcomed a large contingent of the British to the zone. Park Saydo was one of the first in 2001, and without a doubt Park La Posada has become one of the best since opening in 2004.

Apart from the fact that there is a lot of affordable property in Antequera itself and the region, there are now dedicated mobile home parks dotted around the area. Mobile home parks offer a very cost-effective way to start your life here.

Many ex-pat residents in the town and villages started their new lives in Spain by buying a mobile home on one of the residential-style parks. Once they no longer need the support the parks offer, they moved into the town or one of the surrounding villages. In the beginning, you could only buy new ones, but now there are some great resale homes on offer.


If you visit Antequera to see for yourself why the area is so popular, then hiring a car from the airport is an easy and cheap way to make sure you get to explore the area fully. The road network around the town is excellent.

The many welcoming white villages of the Antequera region, such as Alameda, Mollina, and Fuente de Piedra, all have well-established communities living there that are living in Spain full time.

Making new friends, whether within the ex-pat community or with the local Spanish, is very easy in this area as there are always things going on for you to join in with.

Antequera also has a big advantage: it is close to two airports, Malaga and Granada, making the search for low-cost flights easier. Residents often pop back to the UK to visit family and friends or attend special functions.

Being so well connected means that Antequera is not far from anything. The coast and the city of Malaga are only 45kms down the motorway, so the Mediterranean beaches are not far away.

Antequera is not far from the beeches

Antequera also has two claims to fame, historically and from a tourist point of view. The first consists of three fine prehistoric dolmens barely outside the town itself. The second is the Torcal de Antequera, a mountain top covered with huge and wonderfully shaped limestone, formed millions of years ago when the whole area was underwater.

There are 3 excellent routes down for those who like walking. They are marked by different coloured paint on the rocks so getting lost is not a problem. However, we suggest getting a lift or taxi up first!

As well as being a well-visited tourist destination the town’s favourable location, in the heart of Andalucia, makes it a business centre for national and international conferences and as a meeting point.

Because it is well visited, it is no wonder that there is a good selection of hotels for you to choose from; a good variety to suit all budgets.

Getting to and from the town is easy. It has a major bus terminal, a railway station, a high-speed railway station just out of town, the main Andalucian railway junction in Bobadilla, and well-maintained motorway connections. These main routes will connect you to all the Antequera region’s main towns, the cities around Andalucia, and the Capital, and from there, the rest of Northern Europe.

What makes this Antequera maintain its special feel, though, is that it still has a very traditional, very Andalucian feel to it, full of history. The cobbled streets that form part of the old town help make you feel that you have stepped back in time, and the old castle at the top of the town provides great views of mountains on one side and olive-covered hills on the other.

Finally, with its location being less than one hour from the Costa del Sol coastal resorts, Antequera has found itself as an alternative retirement location to places like Torremolinos or Benalmadena. Retiring to this part of Spain has never been easier. There is an alternative way of life for people who do not want to plunge into buying a property in Spain and yet enjoy the Spanish lifestyle.

This is thanks to dedicated residential mobile home parks like Park La Posada and UK companies like Costa Difference mobile homes in Spain. People can now retire to the area easily and without any need to worry about any of the registration processes. From the town hall to the doctors, the Park takes care of everything. Mobile homes can also be purchased in the parks already or have new homes made and installed. 1000’s retired ex-pats now enjoy living in the parks in the Antequera area.