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Train Transport


Traveling on Spain's modern and efficient railway system makes your journey around Spain a delight and hassle free. The excellent and ever improving infrastructure, modern, comfortable trains and a good service means that more and more people are choosing to travel by train.

The railway network is run by RENFE, a state owned company. Over recent years they have invested a lot of time and money into improving the railway network and in particular in the High Speed (Alta Velocidad Espanola) systems throughout the country. Most recently in the Antequera area where they are connecting Granada, Sevilla, Cordoba and Malaga to the high speed network.

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The newest section of track to be added to the AVE network is Malaga to Antequera and then on to Cordoba. The new station is located 15 minutes outside of Antequera and has reduced times to Malaga and Madrid considerably.

With the Granada to Antequera and the Antequera to Sevilla sections under construction it won't be long before the AVE will link all the main Andalucia cities in to Madrid and the rest of Europe.

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Traveling internationally to or from Andalucia would mean arriving or departing on trains to France from either Madrid or Barcelona. From there you would then link with a train coming south to many of the cities in Andalucia - or anywhere else in Spain. RENFE also operate Avant and Medium Distance trains between provincial capitals and more local services "Cercanías" that can link you from the main cities to the rest of the provinces.

The magnificent AVE high speed trains runs on a special line between:

Madrid and Cordoba (1 hrs. 45 min.)
Madrid and Seville. (under 2 hrs. 30 min.)
Madrid and Málaga (2 hrs 30 min.) with service to Antequera and Puente Genil as well
Málaga and Barcelona (5 hrs. 30 min. appx.)
Seville and Barcelona (5 hrs. 30 min. appx.)

Antequera Spain picture Malaga train station
The new Malaga train station and shopping centre

The RENFE Avant trains are high speed trains for medium distance routes. In Andalucia, they circulate between Seville, Córdoba and Málaga.

Sevilla-Córdoba (45 mins)

Córdoba-Málaga (1 hr 05 min)

Sevilla-Málaga (1 hr 55 min)

Granada-Sevilla ( 3hr)


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With these local Avant routes they will usually pass through Bobadilla Station which is the main Andaluica railway junction and from Antequera it is where you will change to link to other cities around.


Local Train Networks (Cercanias) operate such routes as:


Malaga to Fuengirola (Calling at Malaga airport)


Booking and Tickets is very easy and can be done via the RENFE website. You enter basic information about your journey and it will process the information quickly. All rotes are available and is available in English as well.

As always it is advisable to book ahead for travel on the High Speed Long Distance trains especially if traveling at weekends and bank holidays. If you wish to book a ticket at the station this is also possible. 

Tickets are reasonably priced and vary depending on the class you choose to travel. (Club, Preferente, Turista)

Various special rates are available for citizens over the age of 65 years old. To obtain special rates in this category it is necessary to first acquire the "Tarjeta Dorada" (Gold Card) either from a RENFE agent or a travel agent. The cost of the card is 5 euros and it must be renewed annually. A RENFE agent or cooperating travel agent can determine if you qualify for other discounts, such as the youth card, group rates, cruise rates or the “Estrella” and “Web” special promotions that can save you up to 40 and 60 percent respectively off your ticket prices.


One small domestic pet (up to 6 kilos maximum) per passenger is allowed on all trains provided other users do not complain, that there is space available and that safety and hygiene standards are met. Pets must be in a cage (maximum dimensions = 65x35x35 cm) with facilities to eliminate waste. Check for possible additional restrictions on some medium and short distance routes as well as ticket prices.


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