Coastal Areas

Spanish beaches close to Antequera

Spain’s beaches are absolutely fantastic – and were the reason behind the country’s tourist explosion in the ’60s. For Spain offers the visitor over 4,000 kms of wonderful coastline where you can enjoy shining sun and sapphire seas in wonderful settings.

Already holidayed several times by the Mediterranean? then how about being able to go there say once a week.

The beaches of Spain are the most “environmentally healthy in Europe” states the Foundation for Environmental Education.

From Antequera you take the motorway A45 to Malaga which takes less than half an hour and then it is a case of turn right for Torremollinos and Benalmadena or left for Malaga’s beaches or the resort of Rincoln de Victoria. Or if you fancy a day our at Nerja you simply take the mountain road to Velez Malaga and join the A7 motorway there.

Many ex-pats enjoy visiting Nerja for the day. It is a great day out.


In the summer all the beaches along the Costa del Sol are busy. However, for the residents of Antequera and the surrounding villages they do have a great opportunity to enjoy the golden beaches during the Spring and Autumn. Plenty of sunshine to be enjoyed plus food and drinks at normal prices in the resorts. It is only during the summer and Easter when prices seem to rise to make the most of all the tourists arriving.

By living in real Spain, which Antequera most certainly is, the prices never alter. The bars and restaurants rely on the local trade all year round. Everyone knows however that in winter sardines are cheaper in the beach side restaurants, and so that is when they go and spend the days there. Being able to return to Antequera in less than an hour is a real bonus.