Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish in Antequera

There is no doubt that learning a language is always going to be easier in the actual country where that language is spoken. Arriving with a grounding in the basics is an advantage but not essential. Many people will have spent time and money attending evening classes or buying audio courses to study in their free time. These are great but it can often take a long time to master the chosen language and all to easy to forget the things you learn. It is generally accepted that there is no better way than to learn Spanish in Spain.

By submersing yourself in the language, by living in the country, you will pick up so much language very quickly without even realising it, By going about your everyday life you will be amazed at how much vocabulary and confidence you will gain without really trying too hard. If you are also studying at a private school or joining in on local classes you can instantly practice what you are learning because as soon as you leave you will be amongst the Spanish.

Why learn Spanish?

If you are coming to work in Spain then learning the language is going to be a massive advantage to you. It will instantly open more doors for you as you won’t only have to rely on the English speaking world but you can also look for Spanish speaking positions. It will also mean that¬† you will have the advantage of being bilingual which in itself may well open up even more possibilities.

Another huge benefit of learning Spanish will be the fact that you can integrate with the people of the area and country. You will get a much better experience here in Spain if you are able to communicate with your neighbours and the people you meet along the way. You will get a much fuller experience as well as having so much more confidence to go out and explore.

Spanish is one of the widest spoken languages in the world. Should you move on from Spain at some point in the future it wont be a bad thing that you have another language and it is Spanish!

Where can I learn Spanish in Antequera?

There are various choices of how to learn here in Antequera. Language schools can be found where you can join in on existing classes of ‘Spanish for foreigners’ and the hourly costs will depend on the size of the group. Or you can have one to one classes and pay in the region of 10 – 15 Euros an hour for tuition. There are a couple of private schools in the town that will be more than pleased to meet welcome you and discuss your needs and offer you classes. Learning Spanish in language schools does offer a good way to learn as it can open up other avenues through organised activates with the other students.

The University of Malaga¬† have teamed up with the Antequera town hall to offer an outreach centre here in the town of Antequera where they offer intensive language courses in ‘Spanish for foreigners’. The courses are generally for a month, 2 or 3 months at a time and are often in groups of up to 8 students. Hourly tuition costs work out to be low (at around 4-5 euros) because of group size and the fact that you pay up front but some people may not like to study so intensively.

Private tutors are also an option and there are a number of them in and around the town. You will often see their adverts in the local press or dotted around the shops and bars in the local area. It may even be a good idea to ask other expats who live locally as they may have used the teachers themselves. Group sizes may vary depending on how many students the teacher has but one on one classes will most certainly be available and you can expect to pay around 6-15 euros an hour.

Do it yourself Spanish to begin with is something many people do. Once arriving in Spain and starting life here many people decide to start gently before spending money on classes. Learning online on the internet as well as using home tuition books and audio accompaniments coupled with day to day life it is amazing how much you can pick up quickly. By taking out a dictionary with you and visiting the local bars and restaurants, reading menus and using the everyday greetings, ordering a coffee. By shopping for food at the local supermarkets and daily fresh markets and doing some simple ordering, learning names for fruit and vegetables and other basic things you need will vastly improve your vocabulary and confidence very quickly.

Listening to the locals speak, to the radio or watching the TV, even using the subtitles for the Spanish films and news will go a long way to getting used to the pronunciation of words and in generally improve your listening skills. It is amazing at how much sinks in without realising it. In the very least you will start to understand how frequently used words are pronounced. This approach coupled with some self tuition will be a good grounding before going to a school or tutor to expand your knowledge and fluency.

Be realistic, and patient, though as you will find it takes sometime to really master it. But it is definitely worth it.