Lakes near Antequera

Lakes near Antequera. Known as the Embalses del Guadalhorce these lakes are spectacular. There are 5 lakes in total. They sit between Antequera, Malaga and Campillos. The king of Spain has a property right on the water front. The lakes are used for the water supply to Malaga as well as the locals for recreation.

Swimming, canoeing and sailing are permitted as well as licensed fishing. There is also a camp site within the area called El Chorro.

The whole area is a nature reserve and what is unusual is that some of the lakes are surrounded by pine trees. Swimming in the lakes in the summer is perfect. The water is cool and more to the point clean. It is only at weekends the lakes get busy.


Certain areas in the lakes you can also drive your car to the waters edge. This is perfect if planning a picnic for the day. You have to be very careful however if you smoke or use a BBQ. Certain areas that is forbidden.

This whole area is the most magical and peaceful place to visit. It is hard to leave the lakes without feeling your soul is renewed. The lakes are the most marvellous turquoise colour and everywhere you walk, there is a smell of pine trees.So many small inlets where you can bathe in almost privacy as well as those areas where you can take part in organised water sports.

The area is so large that it really does feel like you are escaping from the busy mad world. There is hardly any commercialisation and it really feels like going back in time.

The King has a property at the Lakes near Antequera

The colour of the water is what most people visiting notices first. It is also crystal clear and clean. To get to them from Antequera you first take the Campillos road and just before the town you turn left and head for Malaga. They are well worth visiting for the day. Many expats living in the region often go their rather than the beaches along the coast. The lakes are much more peaceful.

Buying a property in the area is not possible owing to the fact that it is a nature reserve. Motor boats are also not allowed. There is no pollution whatsoever in the water, which is more than can be said about the sea along the coast. There are some restaurants around the lakes serving traditional Spanish food.


If visiting the lakes for the day we also recommend seeing El Chorro. The highlight of El Chorro is a dangerous path called “El Caminito del Rey“. This is a suspended platform adjacent to the cliff, built back in the 1900′s. The original purpose for this man made path was to enable workers to continue with the construction of the water canal.